i am an art director & graphic designer obsessed with bold designs and
colors. i strive to bring out the weird ideas floating in my head out to reality. combining the conceptual thinking with designing. one of my main goals is to push the traditional boundaries of design and myself. 

please don’t ask me my favorite color (it’s always changing), but
rather the band i am obsessed with and my favorite red bull flavor! i’ll fight till
the end with anything i care about and laugh as much as i can because if
you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. 

*review from a friend*

      elena is without fail the brightest person in any room she sets foot in. 
she is outgoing, bold, and unapologetically herself— in all aspects of her
life and in her designs. i can absolutely guarantee you won’t find anyone
else quite like her on this earth <3
               grace martino

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  hyperfixations of the month: crocs, arctic monkeys, gopher typeface, better call saul, beach read, the shore...are u a turtle?
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